Looking For A  Direct Online Application without Agent contact?  

Then, ValueLife Gold, Simplified Issue, Whole Life Insurance may be the Final Expense plan for you.


    "ValueLife Gold" 

    Whole Life Direct

     Up to $50,000  No Medical Exam

          Whole Life Insurance  
           Get An Instant Quote and

          an instant online application

            without agent contact

           for this unique whole life insurance policy.

               Issue ages from 1 - 75        
       First Monthly premium incentive

        is Just One Penny.

     Note: The first payment

will be processed the first business day

after the policy has been issued.

 The first deduction will be

for two month's premium,  consisting of:

 ($0.01 for the 1st month and one regular month). 

First month incentive is

     not applicable in ID, OR, NV,  

Agent Contracting Info

For licensed Insurance agents, and licensed PPGA's, or GA's, interested in helping seniors find the best life and health insurance products for their unique needs.

Guaranteed Issue Life

Know Someone age 40-80 who Thinks they can't buy Final Expense Life insurance? 

No health Questions Asked

 Dignity Planning Video - See Why Pre-planning is the right thing to do. 

Life insurance For Seniors Over Age 65

Whole life Insurance or Term life Insurance

Ideal for Final Expenses And Burial Insurance 

 Up to $150,000 ages 60-69   15Yr., or 10 Yr. Term 

 Up to $100,000 ages 70-80   10Yr. Term.

Compare the lowest senior life rates of whole life insurance plans built to fit the final expense life insurance needs of most seniors over 65.

Senior Life Rate quotes are available for all family members from ages 1 to age 89.  

All plans quoted are issued without

a medical exam.  lowest

In most cases, only a simplified application with limited health questions is required. 


Guaranteed Issue Final Expense

plans are available if needed:

If you have been turned down for life insurance in the past, or rated too high to afford the coverage, or are aware of health conditions you feel may keep you from qualifying for simplified issue, no medical exam, final expense, life insurance, you can still qualify for Guaranteed issue Life with No Health Questions.

Guaranteed issue Final Expense plans

typically have a two year graded death benefit for death due to causes other than an accidental injury.    The graded death benefit is usually limited to the return of all premiums plus 10% interest.    After two years the death benefit  converts to the full face amount of the policy.    The death benefit for death by accidental injury is the full face amount from the first day the policy is in force.

SENIOR LIFE RATES  lowest SENIOR LIFE insurance RATES, over 65,  at Seniorliferates.com

Dental Vision insurance

Dental Insurance for Seniors with Optional Vision benefits 


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Senior Health Insurance

Compare Rates for Medicare supplement Insurance Plans 

     Looking For 15yr., or 10yr., Term Life for Seniors?

     Safe Harbor Term - Level Term Life with Living Benefits.

    Free Accelerated Living Benefit Riders are included for a

     Critical illness such as a Heart Attack, a Stroke, or Cancer.