How do I find the lowest Final Expense Life Insurance Rates?
An experienced and independent agent who represents multiple insurance carriers can make a huge difference in what you pay for coverage. However, Our Free to use, Insurance Rate Quote Engines can help you find the lowest rates in private, without calling, or visiting with a Life insurance agent before you are ready to buy.  
When buying a Final Expense Life insurance policy, will I have to Get a Medical Exam, or answer a lot of Questions?  
In most cases, you will not have to take a medical exam and the applications are often simple one page applications with just a few health questions. Insurance companies may reserve the right to request a physical in rare situations when medical records are not obtainable, or are not reasonably current. If this rare occasion occurs, the insurance company will pay for the insurance physical exam.
What is the difference between a "Non-Med", (No Medical Exam Required) Life Insurance Plan
and a "Guaranteed Acceptance", (No Questions Asked) Life Insurance Plan, like the ones seen advertised on TV all the time?
The main differences are that the "Guaranteed Acceptance" (No Questions Asked) Life Insurance Plan will not pay the full face amount purchased for any death occuring during the first two years if the cause of death is ruled to be by any cause other than an accidental death.
These Guaranteed acceptance plans will have a provision that limits the death beneft to your beneficiary for death other than by accidental means. Under that provision the death benefit to your beneficiary is limited to the return of all your premiums paid during the first two years plus accrued interest, if any. After two years, the full face amount would be payable for death due to any cause.
"Guaranteed Acceptance" Plans can also be expected to cost more per $1000 of death benefit purchased than the "No Medical Exam" (Non-med), simplified issue, final expense life insurance policies.
We carry both types of Final Expense Life Insurance Policies.
"Guaranteed Acceptance" Plans are a good option for someone who's uninsurable due to pre-existing health reasons.
However, if you have never been turned down by an insurance company it is adviseble to at least apply first for a "No Medical Exam" (Non-Med), simplified issue, final expense life insurance policy.
If you are turned down for coverage after applying for a "No Medical Exam" (Non-Med), simplified issue, final expense life insurance policy, either directly to an insurance company or through an insurance agent, just remember to come back to because we can still help you. 

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